VOLVO FM 84F R 8×4 Single Cab

The vehicle is intended for special firefighting interventions in the refinery area.

The water tank is made of stainless material – stainless steel 55316, volume 3500l, and the foam tank made of fiberglass, volume 9000 l. Extinguishing is enabled with water, foam, powder extinguishing devices.

The vehicle is equipped with a remote-controlled articulated arm with a water cannon on top of a nominal flow of 6000 l / min.


CHASSIS VOLVO FM 84F R 8×4 Single Cab
CONSTRUCTION Welded stainless steel construction pip construction, lined with aluminum sheets
WATER TANK 3500l stainless steel 316
FOAM TANK B 9000l, fiberglass
WATER PUMP 8000l / min at 10 bar
6000l / min at 10 bar
EXTINGUISHING WINCH 2x DN32 30 m long, electric winding
DIMENSIONS 9996 x 2500 x 3571 mm


Breathing apparatus, Turbo nozzle B/C, Pressure tubes A/B/C, fire extinguisher 6kg/9kg, hand lamps, first aid kit-box, Nozzle MHF 400l / min, Nozzle HF 400 l / min, busbar


Iveco DAILY 70C15 4x2


The articulated fire extinguishing arm has been developed for special fire extinguishing in refineries as well as for fire extinguishing where increased range and large amount of water I extinguishing foam is expected. lt was developed under the name “Hydroforce” and is protected by a patent.


Lifting arm height 18 m
Rotation 360° continuous
Monitor flow 6000 l/min (max)
Monitor pressure 10 bar (max)
Oil tank 90l
Hydraulic pump 45cm3
Max. hydraulic system pressure 220 bar
Auxiliary hydr. pump (far emergencies and failures) Flow 3 l / min at 220 bar
Maximum leveling Up to 5 degrees of inclination
Assembly weight with oil tank 3980 kg


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