MAN 33.480 6×6

The vehicle is equipped with a stainless steel tank in which the extinguishing liquid is located and with a unit for concentrated ABC extinguishing powder. The pump or water cannon on the roof of the vehicle can be operated from the vehicle cab.

The B foam dosing system is fully automated and is dependent on water flow and gives a constant equal concentration of foam.

The powder extinguishing system consists of a control monitor on the roof and a pipe with a special powder nozzle – System MGS-P-1000. The CAFS system enables the production of lightly compressed foam at very low foaming percentages (0.2-1 %) and with low water consumption. ln this way, greater  efficiency is achieved than when extinguishing with foam B.

The powder system consists of a roof monitor, a dust tank and naval winches with special powder nozzles. This MGS P-1000 system provides high efficiency in extinguishing large areas with powder ina refinery.


With a flow rate of 4500 l / min at a pressure of 10 bar for foam and water it is controlled remotely from the cab of the vehicle where the control is located powder dosing with a flow rate of 45 kg/ s.


CHASSIS MAN 33.480 6×6
CONSTRUCTION Welded stainless steel pipe construction, lined with aluminum sheets
WATER TANK 4000l, stainless steel 316
WATER CANON 4500l / min at 10 bar
FOAM TANK A/B 4000l stainless steel 316,
5000l stainless steel 316
2 x500 kg, 45 kg/s – Type MGS P-1000
WATER PUMP 8500 l/min at 10 bar, possibility of pump operation while driving
FOAM A SYSTEM Proportional type with LED display – MGS FOAMATIC 6000
FOAM B SYSTEM Proportional, precision type with LED disp.-MGS CAFS C2000
EXTINGUISHING WINCH 2 x DN38 30 m long with high pressure powder nozzle, 2 x DN 32 30 m long with foam and water nozzle and withspecial CAFS nozzle
DIMENSIONS 8920 x 2500 x 3650 mm


Foam mixer and foam nozzles, chainsaw and standard tank equipment


Iveco DAILY 70C15 4x2


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